Term 4



Ringlein, Ringlein

Alle Leut

Das Lied vom Wecken

Wenn Ich Morgens Früh Aufstehe

Term 3


Tchüss Es War Schön

Vogel Hochzeit


Die Jahresuhr

Gardening and Outdoor Classroom


Week 2, Term 4

Hello Dear Class Two,
I hope you enjoyed making a little bird last week. So far I have only received a photo of Gauri's beautiful bird;

If you didn't get time to create your bird last week, you might like to do it this week! See last week's task below. 

This week I would like you to create two forms out of nature's gifts.
Form One must contain only curved lines! You could make a circle, a spiral, a figure eight etc. You may use flowers, stones, any of nature's gifts to create your curve form.

Form Two must contain only straight lines, also created using nature's gifts. My pentagram form below is an example made from straight bamboo pieces. You might like to try a square, a triangle, a star, a cross etc, the only rule is that all lines are straight!

Once again send me photo's of your beautiful creations at:
                                   Much love, Beth



Week One, Term Four

Hello beautiful Class Two,
I hope you had a wonder filled break with your family. Spring is such a beautiful time of the year with the birds busily chirping happily in the trees and the wind tickling the leaves who dance in the breeze.
Today I thought it would be lovely to try and create in a little bird from clay!

     One little blackbird hopped upon my shoe
     Along came another one and that made two.
     Fly to the treetop, fly to the ground
     Fly little blackbird around and around.

Firstly take your lump of clay out of your 'take home' pack and unwrap it.
Step 1: Hold your clay in-between your cupped hands and continuously press it -keeping your hands cupped at all times, rotating and pressing, rotating and pressing, Use your whole hands to form your ball and keep your fingers closed. It takes a lot of strength to make it beautifully round!

Step 2: Once your ball is lovely and round place it on a table and gently push down. Now your ball will have a little flat spot. this will be the underside of your bird.

Step 3: Take your thumb and push it up into the flat spot on    on your ball, in a diagonal direction till you see a little lump protruding on one side of your ball near the top. Move the clay around inside your ball with your thumb so that the wall doesn't become to thin where the lump is. This lump will be the head of your bird. Now you can press gently with your fingers on the outside of your ball to form your bird's little beak.

Step 4: from the inside once more, very gently push out another lump on the opposite side to the head, this will be your bird tail end. If your clay shows cracks, gently move the clay inside your bird to keep the wall thick and then press-don't slide, on the cracks from outside, gently till they rejoin. If your clay is getting a lot of cracks, spray a little water on it.

Step 5: Now your bird is starting to come alive! you can start to gently push in (from the outside) the shape of it's wings.

         And now you have a little bird resting quietly!
My little bird hopped down from his perch, tip toed across my floor in search of a friend:

Oh look! He found one, how lucky is he!

I hope you enjoy making your bird as much as I did!
Much love, Beth


One thousand buzzing bees...